FatherA Guide Mission Wing And a Prayer
Level 7
Difficulty Hard
Character Father
Place Peach Creek Commons-The Suburbs
Collect Fusion Matter samples for Mojo.
My Notes

Mission Offer

Wing And a Prayer
Mojo Jojo has a request. Apparently he is working on a very secret experiment. I have no interest in such things. But he would like you to go back to Genius Grove.

Mission Details

Wing And a Prayer
Defeat the Tech Wings.

Fusion Matter samples: 0/4

Wing And a Prayer
FatherA Father
Good. That should be enough to give to the monkey. Please come back.
Step 2
Deliver the Fusion Matter samples.

Fusion Matter samples: 4/4

Wing And a Prayer

Mission Summary

Wing And a Prayer
Thank you for collecting the Fusion Matter samples for Mojo. I will send them to him right away. Maybe then he will leave me alone.
FatherA Father
Good. I'll send these to Mojo. I'm amazed at how persistent you are. Take this reward.

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