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GrimA Guide Mission What the Hades
Level 20
Difficulty Hard
Character Grim
Place Orchid Bay - Downtown
Recover a light bulb from the Ruins.
My Notes
I recovered a new light bulb for the Desk Lamp of Hades from the Ruins.

GrimA Grim
Well, isn't dat a wrinkle in our trousers? We need a new light bulb for de Desk Lamp of Hades. You will find one in the ancient Ruins in de wilderness.
Step 1
Go to The Ruins
GrimA Grim
You will need to venture deep into de Wilderness to de Hani-Baba Ruins in the jungle. There, you can find a light bulb for de Desk Lamp of Hades.
Step 2
Find the Light Bulb.
Step 3
Deliver Light Bulb of Hades to Grim.
What The Hades
We can get dis desk lamp working in a jif. Bring me de Light Bulb of Hades. I'll find dem missing heroes for you.
GrimA Grim
It's embarrassing when your Desk Lamp of Hades needs a new Light Bulb. Tanks for getting me one from de Ruins.

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