Hoss DelgadoA Guide Mission Welcome to Braintree
Level 32
Difficulty Hard
Character Hoss Delgado
Place Devil's Bluff
My Notes

Welcome to Braintree.
This is the plan: you gotta take these Skull Bashers' brains and plant them inside the Dark Tree. Then we'll be able to learn what's up. But first you gotta beat up the Dark Fusionflies that are buzzing around.

Step 1
Defeat 12 Dark Fusionflies.

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Now plant that brain inside the Dark Tree.

Welcome to Braintree
Hmmm, the answers should flow from the brain to the roots of the tree once you plant it inside. I love that dark magic stuff.

Step 2
Plant the brain.

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Good, but I can't read the Brain waves just yet. Come on back for some gear.

Welcome to Braintree
The brain is inside the Dark Tree now. We should be able to read the monster's thoughts through the roots. So come back to be and we'll figure out what to do next.

Step 3
Return to Hoss.

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Welcome to Braintree
Good news! Max has his satellite in orbit and he's getting some pretty useful readings. Stick with Hoss and I'll find you soon. And what's the deal with planting brains inside trees? I hope you know what you're doing!


Welcome to Braintree
Reading Minds is such a trip. Sounds like Fuse is going to build a Fusion army deep in the Dark Lands, probably in his lair. Who would've thought?

I think I've got it. Fuse is gonna breed the army of fusion Kevins right in the heart of his network; Fuse's Lair. Are you ready to steamroll him? Let's do this thing! Here's some armor for ya.