BlooA World Mission Water You Kidding? (Part 4 of 4)
Level 13
Difficulty Hard
Character Bloo
Place City Point - Downtown
Defeat Fusion Billy.
My Notes
I defeated Fusion Billy.

Step 1
Defeat 10 Dynamite Mice.
BlooA Bloo
Hey,those Dynamite Mice have cobwebs all over there feet!
BlooA Bloo
I'll bet you can find that Fusion kid in the Park's haunted house.
Step 2
Go to the Haunted House.
Step 3
Enter Fusion Portal.
BlooA Bloo
We need to go trough the Fusion Portal to get the aliens.
BlooA Bloo
And by "We," I of course mean "you."
Step 4
Defeat 8 Destroyusalls.
BlooA Bloo
Look, it's Fusion Billy! And he has a clown monster henchmen! Well, good luck.
Step 5
Defeat Fusion Billy.
BlooA Bloo
Now you need to take on that little imp.
BlooA Bloo
Make sure you tell him that Bloo sent you!
Step 6
Exit the lair.
BlooA Bloo
I totally could to do that, also.
BlooA Bloo
You should get out of there.
Step 7
Return to Bloo.
BlooA Bloo
Come and see me. I've got something for you.

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