Bloo has accepted that there is no fried dough for now, and has set his sights on that most favored of snack foods 'Popcorn'. and he send you into the infected zone to get some


procure the popcorn. then Bloo tells you that Popcorn needs Salt.


snatch the salt. but once more Bloo calls in and says that Popcorn also needs Butter.


bag the butter. once this final item is aquired you can leave the iz and return to Bloo to enjoy some popcorn

 but sadly for Bloo, it isnt pre-popped popcorn but the popcorn seeds. the fact that he would just have to cook them up to get popcorn seems to be abit too much. but he rewards you anyways


lv13 crate

1710 fusion matter

909 taros

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