Samurai JackA Guide Mission Warriors Reborn
Level 34
Difficulty Hard
Character Samurai Jack
Place Forsaken Valley - the Darklands
Return the warrior souls to the world.
My Notes
I climbed to the top of Monkey Mountain and opened the Sacred Vessel, returning all the missing heroes to the world.

Mission Offer

Warriors Reborn
With the warriors' souls safely housed in the Sacred Vessel, we can now proceed to return them to the world. You must do this from the top of Monkey Mountain.

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to Monkey Mountain.

Warriors Reborn
If we hope to free the warriors' souls, the Sacred Vessel must be opened atop the highest peak in the land, Monkey Mountain.

Step 2
Climb Monkey Mountain.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
You have reached the base of the mountain. Remember: it is infected.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Ascend to the tallest peak and open the Sacred Vessel.

Step 3
Return to Jack.

Warriors Reborn
Well done. Return to me.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
You've done it! The missing heroes have returned to the world.

Mission Summary

Warriors Reborn
You have done a great deed today. I am extremely proud of you, and I know Dexter is, too. Perhaps you should go see him at Dexlabs.

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