Samurai JackA Guide Mission Warrior's Welcome
Level 25
Difficulty Hard
Character Samurai Jack
Place Forsaken Valley - The Darklands
Collect an artifact from the Really Twisted Forest.
My Notes
I went to the Really Twisted Forest and collected the Warrior's Crest, which contains the spirits of great warriors from the ancient Hall of Heroes.

Mission Offer

Warrior's Welcome

Mission Details

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Are you familiar with Demongo, the Soul Collector? He may be responsible for the heroes' disappearances. We need to track him and I think I have a way.

Step 1
Go to Really Twisted Forest.

Warrior's Welcome
I want you to return to the jungle and go to the Really Twisted Forest. You must recover the Warrior's Crest from the Infected Zone there. With that, we should be able to find Demongo.

Step 2
Find the Warrior's Crest.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
The infected area in the Really Twisted Forest is most hazardous. You must try to locate the Warrior's Crest, hidden somewhere amidst Fuse's dangerous infestation.

Step 3
Bring Crest to Jack.

Warrior's Welcome
The Warrior's Crest contains the spirits of warriors past. Bring it back to me. We can utilize it to locate Demongo and find Dexter's missing heroes.

Mission Summary

Warrior's Welcome

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
You have done well. The Warrior's Crest contains the spirits of the heroes of the past. With Dexter's Power Level Tracker, we can locate Demongo.

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