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Vertical Limits (Part 1 of 2)

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Dexbot Q-12 Welcomes you to City Station, and gladly suggests you go to the top of the City Station Tower for a 'breathtaking' view of the city.


go to first bounce pad.

after getting to the pad at the base of the tower, the Dexbot then tells you to use these jump pads to aid in your climb up the tower.

the dexbot then asks you to touch a becon on top of the tower.


lv13 crate

1710 Fusion Matter

909 Taros

along with the message:

Dexlabs Thanks you for visiting City Station, Please use the recepticles provided for waste disposal.

yeah this mission is just showing you how to get up and down the tower, as well as showing off the hights and building design in the game.

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