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V.V. Argost
Series The Secret Saturdays
Location Pokey Oaks South
Voiced by Corey Burton
Greetings and bienvenue.

–V.V. Argost's greeting

V.V. Argost is the evil archenemy of the Saturdays. He's very rich and hosts his own immensely popular television show called Weird World, along with his half-human, half-spider minion/co-host Munya. He isn't human himself. He is a yeti.


In FusionFall, V.V. Argost appeared at the 2009 Thanksgiving event as a mission giver in Peach Creek. He gave two missions relating to Cryptids: "A Thanksgiving Delicacy (Part 1 of 2)" and "A Thanksgiving Delicacy (Part 2 of 2)" (the cryptid he was looking for was actually a monster from The Powerpuff Girls).

He is the only NPC whose missions do not include waypoints, aside from Flapjack and Freddy Fishlegs in the Valentine's Day event. He is a known NPC and was seen in the Birthday Bash party, hinting he will be a full character for the expansion.

In the new introduction sequence, he appears along side the rest of the villains.
Birth day bash major glory

V.V. Argost at the birthday bash


  • He is one of the characters that has not appeared since Birthday Bash in 2010.
  • Curiously,
    FusionFall Arghost

    V.V. Argost design

    he believes that the blowfish was a cryptid.
  • His full name is Vincent Vladislav Argost.

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