Project Revive Promo Numbuh One00:50

Project Revive Promo Numbuh One

A user, Wilttilt, started a movement to revitalize FusionFall.

As we all know, CN hasn't given us a single update in forever. Heck. They haven't even given us at least a "Hi how's it goin?"

So WiltTilt felt it was time to call out to CN by putting together this Letter & Petition with all new and interesting things that CN can put into FusionFall. It also calls for CN to reput in attention to their "BIGGEST GAME EVER."


I dont want everyone to just simply "agree" with this and show your support from the side. That's not how things get rooting from the side.

Word needs to spread to any and all websites that you all can think of.

I know you may or may not want to commit alot of time to this and, yes, I completely understand that. However, There is a couple of things you can do, some of which you can do and forget about it because it is so quick and simple:

  • If at all, just simply make a short wall post on Facebook, or Twitter about Project Revive.
  • Make a Journal about it here on dA. Plain and simple.
  • Take a screencap of your character promoting Project R
  • Talk to users in Game. If anything, Just mention the name Project R. Just doing that helps to spread it around the FusionFall community.
  • Make posts about it in CN's forums. I know alot of kids are usually posting on that but even they can help by just knowing about it.
  • Soon they'll begin to inquire on this "Project R" Business and that is how we hook them.
  • Take the time to check out the following three links.

  • Project R - Document containing all the ideas and suggestions: Document


Just a few of my favorite banners. Created by TyAquazon.
  • This section is for ideas made by users of the community. If you would like to pitch an idea, please just comment below and I'll add it to the blog.
    • "You know i just got an idea for something that could be added, either Aku's Castle from samurai jack, or an Aku NPC, or both". - Dragoongamer86
    • "Very Well... I have one idea: Zs'Skayr NPC in the game. Firstly because in the future, in a expansion, will be added to the game Ghostfreak Nano and I think a good mission giver would be him. Secondly because if the game had Zs'Skayr, the cronology of the Alliance with Planet Fusion and the AnurPhaetos (Zs'Skayr planet) would be conclued with his Fusion." - Fusion Hammer M

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