Numbuh FourA Nano Mission Tree Trouble
Level 30
Difficulty Hard
Character Numbuh Four
Place Mount Blackhead
My Notes

Mission Offer

Tree Trouble
The tree at the Jungle Outpost is starting to get infected, and we can't figure out what's causing it. Fusion Matter is coming in from Forsaken Valley. Figure out how and you should be able to get a new Nano out of the deal.

Mission Details

Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
It's Nano Time, mate! Go talk to Samurai Jack in the Forsaken Valley.
Step 1
Talk to Samurai Jack.
Tree Trouble
The tree in the Jungle Outpost is starting to show signs of infection. It seems to be spreading from the roots! Somehow, Fusion Matter is flowing in from the Darklands. You need to speak with Samurai Jack in the Forsaken Valley at the floating research station.
Step 2
Defeat nine Lizard Kings.

Lizard Kings; 0/9

Tree Trouble
Samurai Jack says that the Lizard Kings in the Firepits are helping to spread the infection into the jungle. You need to defeat them!
Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Yes, I am aware of the infection that is spreading from the Dark Tree. Fusion Matter courses through the earth. You must defeat the Lizard Kings in the Firepits to stop them from digging.

Step 3
Go to Dinosaur Pass infected zone.
Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Good work. The monsters here are working for Fusion Numbuh Four.
Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
His lair is inside the Dinosaur Pass infected zone. You must defeat him in battle.
Tree Trouble
Gadzooks! Samurai Jack says that Fusion Numbuh Four is reponsible for helping spread the infection. You gotta find out where that creep is hiding. He's somewhere inside the creepy infected zone in Dinosaur Pass.

Step 4
Enter Fusion Portal.
Tree Trouble
Now you need to find the portal that leads to Fusion Numbuh Four's lair. You know what you have to do, mate.
Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
Find Fusion Numbuh Four's lair and give him a smackdown!


Step 5
Defeat Fusion Numbuh Four.

Tree Trouble
Can you do this? Defeat Fusion Numbuh Four! We're all counting on you. Once you recover my football, you can make a Numbuh Four Nano.
Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
You found 'im! Now give 'im a pounding he won't forget!


NanoNumbuh Four

Nano:Numbuh Four

Type: Cosmix


Revive - Group Revive - Group

Health - Self AreaHealth - Self Area

Drain - Area Drain - Area

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