Numbuh TwoA Guide Mission Tree House Trouble
Level 12
Difficulty Hard
Character Numbuh Two
Place Sector V-The Suburbs
Find the Stabilizer and save the Tree House
My Notes
Fuse's monsters have stolen the Stabilizer to the Tree House and without it...well, it won't be pretty! Find the Stabilizer and return it to Numbuh Two...and fast!

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Tree House Trouble
A nasty Fusion out at Charles Darwin is preparing an attack on Sector V. I've go too much going on down here, so go see if you can help Numbuh Two. Then maybe you can deliver that radioactive isotope that you recovered from the power plant.-Ben

Mission Offer

Tree House Trouble
Fusion Numbuh Three is amassing an army of Motorillas to attack the tree house. If you can thin out these troops, I know you'll be ready to go to the space port.

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Tree House Trouble
Hey, you're doing some amazing stuff. Numbuh Two will probably send you down to the space port soon. Come find me, okay? But finish up with him, first-Ben

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to Charles Darwin Middle School

Tree House Trouble
You need to head out to the area near Charles Darwin Middle School, where Fusion Numbuh Three is gathering an army of Motorillas. Go to Habitat Homes.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Okay, you're in the right area. Look for those nasty gorilla monsters.

Step 2
Defeat eight Motorillas

Tree House Trouble
You need to defeat as many of those gorilla monsters as you can, to make sure that they don't attack the tree house.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Oh, no! Those creeps took a stabilizer from the tree house platform.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
They've stashed it inside the infected zone at the school.

Step 3
Recover the stabilizer

Tree House Trouble
You need to recover the tree house stabilizer from the infected zone inside Charles Darwin. Without it: CRASH!

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Awesome, you found it! Come on back, Ben sent something for you.

Step 4
Return the stabilizer to Numbuh Two

Tree House Trouble
Cool, bring that stolen stabilizer back to me at the tree house.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
You rule. But the challenges are only going to get tougher. I think you're ready!

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Here, take the radioactive isotope that you recovered from the Nuclear Plant and bring it to Numbuh 311 at Dizzy World.

Step 5
Bring isotope to Numbuh 311

Tree House Trouble
You're ready to continue your adventures Downtown. Take the readioactive isotope that you recovered from the Nuclear Plant and bring it to our operative stationed at Dizzy World, Numbuh 311.

Mission Summary

Tree House Trouble
I think you're ready to go downtown to the space port. you did an amazing job taking out those nasty Motorillas at Charles Darwin!

Numbuh 311A Numbuh 311
Hey, thanks. The operatives at the space port really need this! Hey, Ben said that Grandpa Max needs to see you. And he wants you to have this cool reward. See ya!

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