EddA Guide Mission Treasure Hunt
Level 6
Difficulty Hard
Character Edd
Place Peach Creek Commons-The Suburbs
X marks the spot! Go find the treasure!
My Notes
It's time to find the treasure. But wait! It's in the Park n' Flush trailer park?

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Treasure Hunt
Let's use that treasure map to find the treasure! Come and see me so we can formulate a plan.-Edd

Mission Offer

Treasure Hunt
Good gravy! This treasure map leads to Park n' Flush trailer park. You want to go over there and see what you can dig up? Watch out for the Kanker sisters!

Step 1
Go to trailer park.

Treasure Hunt
You need to head out to the Park-n-Flush trailer park to find that treasure!

EddA Edd
If I read the map right, I think you need to go near that crazy hamburger.

EddA Edd
What is that thing?

Step 2
Go find the treasure!

Treasure Hunt
The X marks the just need to dig up that treasure. It's near the giant hamburger.

EddA Edd
Eureka! You've struck gold--I mean--candy! That looks like quite a haul.

Lee KankerA Lee Kanker
Say...what do you have there? You'd better share, or I'll tell Sockhead.

Step 3
Deliver the candy to Lee Kanker

Treasure Hunt
Whatever you do, don't let any of those greedy and disgusting Kanker sisters distract you from your primary task, okay?

Lee KankerA Lee Kanker
Aw, you shouldn't have. A big bag of candy for me? Thanks, you're sweet as pie. Yeccch! This tastes gross! And it's making me feel...a little...strange. BING, BOOM, ZAP! Loo, la, lee!

EddA Edd
Don't let Lee eat the candy! Bring it back to me, post-haste!

Step 4
Return to Edd with candy

Treasure Hunt
Please don't give the candy to Lee! Return it to me in the Cul-de-Sac right away.

Mission Summary

Treasure Hunt
Good work digging up that treasure in the Park n' Flush. It turned Lee Kanker loco! I wonder if there's more to buried candy just waiting to be found.

EddA Edd
Hmmm...this candy is definately weird. I'm not eating it. Better keep it away from Eddy, too. While I think about what to do next, you can enjoy your reward!

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