Treasure Chest

An Adventure Time Treasure Chest, complete with prizes.

Treasure chests are a new, somewhat collectible to be added to FusionFall. The treasure chests are, as implied, a chest that when clicked on, gives you an Adventure Time item. The chests have no definite spawn area, as they randomly appear and disappear all over the FusionFall Universe. Treasure chests are similar to C.R.A.T.E.S, but are based on Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. There are three types of treasure chest: Tiny Treasure, Tremendous Treasure, a Titanic Treasure. Some treasure chest are untamed, which means players will have to fight them to get rare gear. They can be found roaming The Wilds.


Upon finding one, the player can obtain a Treetrunks Tee, a Jiggler Tee, Jiggler Backpack, Marceline (Bat Mode) Tee, a Lumpy Space Princess Tee, Demon Cat Head, Marquis of Nuts Tee, a Princess Bubblegum Gauntlet, and Billy's Sword.

As of July 2011, players can uptain a Infiltrator Jacket, Infiltrator Pants, Infiltrator Boots, and Infiltrator Helmet and Infiltrator Blaster.

Untamed Treasure Chest Item

These untamed treasure chests have to be attacked by players in order for the hero to get gear from it. They are level 10 enemies and are all Adaptium. Coincedentally, they appear in the same area of treasure hunters. Finding treasure hunters will give a clue to where treasure chests are located.

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