DexterA Guide Mission Tracking Jack
Level 24
Difficulty Hard
Character Dexter
Place Tech Square-Downtown
Find Samurai Jack in the Darklands.
My Notes
I was not able to locate Samurai Jack right away, but I used a code that Mandark gave me to access the research station's mainframe. Jack's signal originated from the research station itself!

DexterA FROM: Dexter
SUBJECT: Tracking Jack
Jack is some where in the Darklands. I've traced the source of his communication to somewhere near the research station in Forsaken Valley. Go there, and take the Power Level Tracker with you. It may prove useful. -Dexter
Step 1
Go to Forsaken Valley.
MandarkA Mandark
I've uploaded an access code to your NanoCom. Now stop bothering me!
Step 2
Use the facility's mainframe.
DexterA Dexter
Good work. The research center can trace the source of Jack's signal.
DexterA Dexter
Why, it's coming from the research station itself! Head there immediately.
Step 2
Talk to Samurai Jack.
Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
So, Dexter sent you to me? I've heard that he is trying to solve the mystery of the world's mission warriors, and I believe I can help. If you are ready and willing, we can do this together.

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