Prepare to feel the wrath of...the Toilenator!


The Toilenator (a.k.a. Louis "Lou" Pottingsworth III) is a recurring villain of the Kids Next Door and self-proclaimed arch-nemesis of Numbuh 4. He is largely considered as the lamest adult villain in the Kids Next Door. He is an adult who wears a yellow plumber's outfit, uses a toilet seat as a chain for his cape, wears a roll of toilet paper as a cowl, and completes the ensemble with toilet paper gauntlets and rubberized boots. He owns an arsenal of toilet themed weapons. Toilenatator is terrified of Planet Fusion.


In FusionFall, the Toiletnator can be found at Camp Kidney handing out missions for other villains. He mainly serves as the link between the adults and the Kids Next Door. His signature weapon is the Plunger of Doom.

Fusion Fall Toiletnator



  • The Toiletnator's real name references the British slang for the toilet, "Loo".

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