Numbuh TwoA Guide Mission Time to Go
Level 4
Difficulty Easy
Character Numbuh Two
Place Sector V-The Future
Go back to the past
My Notes
It's time to go back to the past and help save the world from Fuse. Be sure you have done everything you want in the future because, once you leave, there is no going back!

Mission Offer

Time to Go
With Larry 3000's head in place, I should be able to get the time machine working now. Are you ready to go back to the past to save the world? I hope so!

Mission Details

Step 1
Enter Numbuh Two's timelab

Time to Go
The entrance to my timelab is in the back of the tree house. Go over there and I'll meet you inside.

Step 2
Talk to Numbuh Two

Everything is in place and it looks like the time machine is going to work! Come and talk to me before your big send-off.

Step 3
Enter the time machine

Time to Go
I've installed Larry 3000's head into the time machine. It's time to go! Oh, Mandark sent messages through time to some of our friends, who will be expecting you when you arrive. Well, what are you waiting for? It's time to save the world!

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Larry 3000's head is in place! Are you ready? Mandark sent messages through time to some of our friends. They'll be waiting for you when you arrive in the past to lend you a hand.

Notes: Farewells From the Past

If you talk to the characters standing on each side of the time machine before you enter it, you will get a farewell from each of them.

EddyA Eddy
Do you get time travel sickness? I'll sell you a paper bag for cheap!

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
The path of the hero is never easy. But I see within you the strength to save the world from destruction.

EduardoA Eduardo
Adios, mi favorite friend from the past. You go now and make these yucky monsters go bye-bye.

ComputressA Computress
The time machine is now fully functional. It is time for you to return to the past to save our planet.

MandarkA Mandark
Remember, when you get back to the past, tell them you couldn't have done it without Mandark. Ha!

Buttercup(Future)A Buttercup(Future)
Go and give Fuse a couple kicks in the butt for me!

Numbuh FiveA Numbuh Five
Say hi to Dex for me when you get there!

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
You're gonna do great. Make us proud! Sniff! I promised myself that I wouldn't cry...

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