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Time Vortexs or Wormholes are rips in the space-time continuum. These wormholes appear in the ground in areas across the FusionFall world in both the Past and Future. Plumber Jim who is stationed in the 5th Sector of KND, states that the wormholes send messages from the future through them. Some Dexbots, Plumbers, Urban Rangers, and Monkey Minions have been assigned the task to watch over the portals in various locations in The Suburbs. Most of the vortexs have items stuffed in them. Such as chairs, poles, pipes.

The Future

In the future, a guide mission given by Eduardo involves the time portals. In one given by Mandark, he has the hero send four messages through the wormholes to the four guides in the past: Ben, Dexter, Edd, and Mojo Jojo.


  • Genius Grove - The Past
  • Sector V - The Past
  • Peach Creek Commons (Cul-De-Sac) - The Past
  • Pokey Oaks South - The Past
  • Genius Grove - The Future
  • Candy Cove - The Future
  • Sector V (Hero's Square) - The Future


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