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These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things

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Johnny BravoA Nano Mission These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things
Level 16
Difficulty Hard
Character Johnny Bravo
Place Orchid Bay - Downtown
Recover some of the things Johnny lost on Bravo Beach.
My Notes
I helped find Johnny's things, and got a new Johnny Bravo Nano.

Mission Offer

These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things
So, like, I was talking to this pretty lady and I offered her my jacket 'She looked some kinda green. Then she clobbers me. When I woke up my jacket, my wallet and my lucky comb were all gone! Can yo help me get 'em back?

Mission Details

Step 1
Find the Sand Creeps

Johnny BravoA Johnny Bravo
That's them!

Step 2
Defeat Sands Creeps

Johnny's Comb: 0/1

Johnny BravoA Johnny Bravo
That was some fancy manueverin' there. Now go find the Beach Bullies.

Step 3
Find the Beach Bullies

Johnny BravoA Johnny Bravo
Show 'em who's boss!

Step 4
Defeat Beach Bullies

Johnny Wallet: 0/1

Johnny BravoA Johnny Bravo
Ha! Sure showed them a thing or two

Step 5
Find the Squish Scalers

Johnny BravoA Johnny Bravo
I bet she's inside that Fusion Lair thingy

Step 6
Enter the Fusion Portal

Johnny BravoA Johnny Bravo
See if you can find that girl who took my jacket. When you find it you can have the Johnny nano in the pocket.

Step 7
Defeat Fusion Bubbles

Fusion Bubbles: 0/1



Nano: Johnny Bravo

Type: Adaptium


Stun - Area Stun - Area

Run - Self Run - Self

Revive - Self Revive - Self

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