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The Wilds

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The Wilds is the largest area in the game and it is very dangerous. The Wilds consist of jungles, forests etc. that are crawling with Fuse's monsters in every direction, so stay alert or you might get turned into goo. The Wilds don't have much evidence of modern civilization, while Nowhere, Camp Kidney and Mt. Blackhead are have some development, and ancient civilizations have ruins in Devil's Bluff and The Ruins, the wilds are unspoiled wilderness. Courage the Cowardly Dog and Camp Lazlo take place in this region. Most of the southern parts of wilds are based off Camp Lazlo, but the north doesn't seem to have any basis from this, or any, series. The only exception is area 51.1, which is an area in Johnny Test, but it is not based on the show. In the future, the entire zone was destroyed by Fuse.



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