Thromnambular VIIIA World Mission The Thromnambular Saga (Part 8 of 9)
Level 27
Difficulty Normal
Character Thromnambular VIII
Place Monkey Mountain - The Wilds
Place three bananas in the Monkey Mountain Infected Zone.
My Notes

Mission Offer

The Thromnambular Saga (Part 8 of 9)
The monkeys here drive me insane. They scream and yell and it hurts my brain. But I know how to keep them away. Help me out and I'll make your day.

Mission Details

Step 1
Place the first banana.

The Thromnambular Saga (Part 8 of 9)
I want you to put bananas all over the place. This should keep those monkeys out of my face. You have to drop a total of three. I'll tell you where, just listen to me.

Step 2
Place the second banana.

The Thromnambular Saga (Part 8 of 9)

Thromnambular VIIIA Thromnambular VIII
Very good, but you job's not done. You need to place another one.

Step 3
Place the third banana.

The Thromnambular Saga (Part 8 of 9)
Place the final piece of fuit. Then I'll give those monkeys the boot.

Thromnambular VIIIA Thromnambular VIII
One more banana, that's all I ask. Then you'll be done with this task.

Step 4
Return to Thromnambular VIII.

The Thronambular Saga (Part 8 of 9)
Thank you for quelling the monkey hordes. Retun to me for your reward.

Thromnambular VIIIA Thromnambular VIII
Now those monkeys will leave me be. Come on back and see me.

Mission Summary

The Tromnambular Sga (Part 8 of 9)
If I need you again, I'll drop you a line. Now you need to find Wishing Skull number nine.

Thromnambular VIIIA Thromnambular VIII
You've done well, my young friend. My frustration appears to be at an end. If a wais is what you want to fin, you must speak to all the skulls that number nine.

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