Thromnambular IVA World Mission The Thromnambular Saga (Part 4 of 9)
Level 16
Difficulty Normal
Character Thromnambular IV
Place City Hall
Complete a mission for Thromnambular
My Notes

Mission Offer

The Thromnambular Saga (Part 4 of 9)
I am Wishing Skull #4. I need something from the store. If you can bring it to me fast, then this mission you have passed.

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to Townsville Center

Thromnambular IVA Thromnambular IV
I need a festive party hat. You give me this, I'll give you that.

Thromnambular IVA Thromnambular IV
Go get one from the store. Do it quick, do nothing more.

Step 2
Get a party hat

Thromnambular IVA Thromnambular IV
That is what I need. Return to me with great speed.

Step 3
Return to Thromnambular

Remaining time: 300

Mission Summary

The Thromnambular Saga (Part 4 of 9)
Festive Hats make me feel so alive. Now go find Wishing Skull #5.

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