VilgaxA World Mission The Power of Prophecy (Part 2 of 4)
Level 23
Difficulty Easy
Character Vilgax
Place Offworld Plaza - DownTown
My Notes

VilgaxA Vilgax
I wish to run some tests on you to see how your biochemistry changed with your absorption of a piece of the Book of Prophecy. These tests will not be invasive. And then I will disclose the location of your totem.
Step 1
Use Vilgax's scanner.
VilgaxA Vilgax
How strange... Well, now I will give you the coordinates to the totem.
Juniper LeeA Juniper Lee
Hey, come see me once you've found the totem in Steam Alley, okay?
Step 2
Go to totem in Steam Alley.
GwenA Gwen
Excellent! Another one down! Why would Vilgax help us...?

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