Samurai JackA Guide Mission The Power of Bonk
Level 30
Difficulty Hard
Character Samurai Jack
Place Forsaken Valley - The Darklands
Forge a bonkstick of power.
My Notes
I forged a bonkstick in the fires of the Firepits. I am now ready to find Demongo.

Mission Offer

Mission Details

Step 1

Would you like to forge your own...bonkstick? I doubt the value of this weapon, but Dexter claims it is quite powerful. You must go back to the Fireswamps.

Take the bonkstone to the Firepits, on the far side of the Fireswamps. Before you can forge your weapon in the flames, you must defeat seven Stone Drakes.

  • Forge the bonkstick.

Now that you have defeated the Stone Drakes, take the bonkstone and place it in the fires of the Firepits. You will forge a bonkstick of great power.

Samurai Jack: Good. Now take the bonkstone and place it in the fires of the Firepits.

The great power of the...bonkstick...has been forged in the flames of the Firepits. Now you are ready to pursue Demongo and find the missing heroes.

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