Part One of Three

Level 5 Normal
Numbuh Five
Genius Grove - The Suburbs
Rewards: 5LV Mission CRATE, 480 Fusion Matter, 109 Taros

Mission Offer: Monsters are streaming in from Pokey Oaks North and threatening to invade Genius Grove. You think you could run some defense?

Step One: Go to Pokey Oaks North.
We need to keep those creepy monsters in Pokey Oaks North from coming in to Genius Grove. Head to Pokey Oaks North and look for those Pesky Ponies.

Step Two: Defeat six Pesky Ponies.
Defeat six Pesky Ponies to prevent them from attacking Genius Grove.

Step Three: Return to Numbuh Five.
Nice work taking care of those Pesky Ponies. But they left something behind. Bring it to me so I can see it.

Mission Summary: You did some nice work against those Pesky Ponies. But why did they have pickles? Yuck! Numbuh Five hates pickles!

Notes: Help defend Genius Grove.
I defeated the Pesky Ponies in Pokey Oaks North and prevented them from coming in to Genius Grove.

Part Two of Three

Level 5 Easy
Numbuh Five
Genius Grove - The Suburbs
Rewards: 5LV Mission CRATE, 480 Fusion Matter, 109 Taros

Mission Offer: Listen, I don't want no stinky pickles around here! Why don't you take this thing to Numbuh Two? He likes to eat just about anything.

Step One: Deliver pickle to Numbuh Two.
You should bring that yucky pickle that you found to Numbuh Two. I'll bet he'll eat it.

Step Two: Deliver pickle to Prof. Utonium.
Numbuh Two didn't want the pickle? Numbuh Five is shocked! How about coming back to Genius Grove and giving it to Professor U?

Step Three: Deliver pickle to Blossom.
I'm disgusted. That pickle was soaked in Fusion goo! I'm never eating another pickle again. The Professor wants you to bring it back to Blossom in Sector V.

Mission Summary: Numbuh Five knew there was something wrong with that nasty pickle! You better figure out where Fusion Mayor is before he stinks up the whole neighborhood.

Notes: Investigate the weird pickle.
I brought a strange pickle to Numbuh Two, but he didn't want to eat it. I brought it to Professor Utonium for analysis, who discovered that it was pickled in Fusion Matter. Looks like we are dealing with a Fusion Mayor.

Part Three of Three

Level Five Hard

Sector V

Rewards: 5lv Mission Crate 480 fusion matter, 109 taros

  • Find Fusion Mayor in his lair
  • Enter the Fusion Portal
  • Defeat 8 Mean Behemoths
  • Defeat Fusion Mayor
  • Talk to Blossom

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