Mandroid M-99A World Mission Tech Square Titans (Part 4 of 4)
Level 22
Difficulty Easy
Character Mandroid M-99
Place City Station-Downtown
Obtain Computress memory chip.
My Notes
I found Computress and got her to give me her memory chip.

Mandroid M-99A Mandroid M-99
Target the entity designated: Computress at the location: Technology Square. Requisition the material codenamed: memory chip for research into improving Nanos. We anticipate such research will assist the fight against Fuse. Warning: Computress is an advanced artificial intelligence created by the inventor Dexter, and she may be nearly as advanced as the mighty Mandroids!

Step 1
Go to Technology Square.

Mandroid M-99A Mandroid M-99
You've reached Technology Square.

Step 2
Get Computress' memory chip.

ComputressA Computress
You are welcome to as many memory chips as you need.

Step 3
Return to Mandroid M-99

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