Mandroid M-99A World Mission Tech Square Titans (Part 2 of 4)
Level 22
Difficulty Easy
Character Mandroid M-99
Place City Station
Obtain Dexter's Wrench.
My Notes
I found Dexter and got him to give me his wrench.
Mandroid M-99A Mandroid M-99
Target the entity designated: Dexter at the location: Technology Square. Requisition the material codenamed: wrench for research

into improving Nanos. We anticipate such research will assist the fight against Fuse. Warning: Dexter should be considered armed with technology almost as advanced as the brilliant inventionsof the genius Mandark, who is the smartest of all geniuses and so much smarter than Dexter could ever hope to be times a thousand.

Step 1
Go to Technology Square.
Mandroid M-99A Mandroid M-99
You've reached Technology Square.
Step 2
Get Dexter's wrench.
DexterA Dexter
So, a Mandroid wants my wrench? How do I know it's REALLY for Nanos, and not because Mandark covets my secrets? Here. That's my least-powerful wrench.
Step 3
Return to Mandroid M-99

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