Tech Square (The Future) Map
Tech Square (The Future)
Area Level 01
NPCs Ben
Numbuh Five
Numbuh Two
Samurai Jack
This article is about Tech Square in the future. For the past version see Tech Square.

Tech Square is the first place you enter after Dexter accidentally sends you too far into the future, and serves as the game's tutorial. When you land there, you notice that parts of the Time Machine are scattered everywhere, showing that it was destroyed on your arrival. The area's infected zone holds Fusion Buttercup's Lair, and it's your mission to enter her lair, defeat her, and rescue Dexter. Near the end of the tutorial, Tech Square becomes completely submerged into the fusion matter sea. You barely escape along with Numbuh Two, Samurai Jack, Buttercup , and Numbuh Five.

Tech Square (The Future)

Dexlabs, during the beginning scene of the tutorial


Cyberus Name Cyberus
Boss Cyberus Zero
Level 22
Type Blastons
What's worse than an angry three-headed dog? How about an angry three-headed dog built from Dexlabs parts with an endless craving for kids?
Corruption Attack



Area: Tech Square (The Future) (Level 1)

Area: Tech Square

Oil Ogre Name Oil Ogre
Boss Ogre Overlord
Level 23
Type Blastons
The Oil Ogre is a mass of putrid and toxic Fusion Matter. He enjoys spreading sickness and filth wherever he goes, and he's more than ready to share some with you.
Corruption, Eruption


Area: Tech Square (The Future) (Level 1)

Steam Alley

Fusion Spawn Name Fusion Spawn
Boss Jumbo Fusion Spawn
Level 01
Type Cosmix
Fusion Spawns are the core of Fuse's Army. They may be small, but Fusion Spawns are dangerous since they tend to travel in packs. All of Fuse's monsters are Fusion Spawns that have adapted to the environment, the one exception being Fusions, which are a creation of Fusion Matter and a specific item of that corresponding character.

Area: Null Void | Sector V (The Future) | Tech Square (The Future) | Providence HQ (Level 2) | Pokey Oaks North (The Future) Level 2


Tech Wing Name Tech Wing
Boss Gigatech Wing
Level 07
Type Cosmix
Even the old parts of discarded Dexlabs equipment aren't safe from Fuse's influence. The Tech Wing may look like the work of the boy genius, but Fuse added a few surprises of his own.

Area: Tech Square (The Future) (Level 1)

Genius Grove

Fusion Lairs

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