Samurai JackA World Mission Mission Tech Meets Magic
Level 27
Difficulty Hard
Character Samurai Jack
Place Forsaken Valley
Upgrade the Power Level Tracker.
My Notes
I placed the Warrior's Crest atop Monkey Mountain, which allowed me to transfer the power signatures contained inside it into the Power Level Tracker.

Mission Offer

Tech Meets Magic
Dexter believes we can transfer the spirits in the Warrior's Crest into the Power Level Tracker. That should allow us to locate Demongo, the Soul Collector.

Mission Details

Step 1
Head to Monkey Mountain.

Tech Meets Magic
In ancient times, there was a Hall of Heroes inside Monkey Mountain. This location will amplify the power signatures contained in the Warrior's Crest. Once that is done, we can transfer them to the Power Level Tracker.

Step 2
Defeat six Scythe Simians.

Scythe Simains: 0/6

Tech Meets Magic
Defeat six Scythe Simians before proceeding up the mountain. They cannot give you any trouble if they are out of the way.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Before you climb the peak, you must take out some of our enemies.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
The Scythe Simians will give you trouble if you are not careful.

Step 3
Climb Monkey Mountain.

Tech Meets Magic
Navigate the most dangerous parts of the infected mountainside. Once you find the correct location, the Warrior's Crest will be amplified.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Good work. Now proceed up the mountain to the correct location.

Step 4
Return to Samurai Jack.

Tech Meets Magic
When you amplified the energies inside the Warrior's Crest, you transferred the power to the Power Level Tracker. You may now return to me.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
You are at a critical junction point of ancient energies.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
The Power Level Tracker has received the energies from the Crest.

Mission Summary

Tech Meets Magic
Excellent. Now you have the power signatures from the Warrior's Crest inside the Power Level Tracker. We must now find Demongo.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
We have utilized a combination of science and magic. The Power Level Tracker now contains the information we need to locate Demongo. Here is your reward from Dexter.

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