BillyA Guide Mission Tangelo Fellow
Level 11
Difficulty Hard
Character Billy
Place Endsville-The Suburbs
Recover Billy's bags of Tangelos
My Notes
The Fuse monsters around Endsville have stolen Billy's bags of Tangelos. Help him recover them!

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Tangelo Fellow
If you're heading out to Endsville, go talk to that kid Billy and see if he can help us find more candy treasure. We can't let Fuse get his hands on that Crazy Brain Candy!-Edd

Mission Offer

Tangelo Fellow
You're strong and brave. Can you help me? Nasty monsters stole my tangelos and took them to the nuclear power plant. Can you get them back?

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Tangelo Fellow
Hey, how are you doing with Billy? Don't do anything crazy. We need to keep looking for that candy.-Edd

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to the nuclear power plant

Tangelo Fellow
Oh, my dear departed tangelos. How I miss thee! Where thou art? Gone to the nuclear power plant.

BillyA Billy
You are close to my tangelos! There's bound to be a fight, so pump up your muscles.

Step 2
Defeat the Doom Boilers

Tangelo Fellows
You will need to fight a bunch of Fuse's minions to collect my tangelos. Get them get them get them!

BillyA Billy
Biff! Bang! Pow! Nice work. You got a bag of tangelos. There's two more.

Step 3
Defeat the Ventilators

Tangelo Fellow
You found one bag of tangelos, but there are more bags of tangelos. I like saying "tangelos". Tangelos.

BillyA Billy
Ooh, sweet. More tangelos. Only one more bag to go.

Step 4
Defeat the Weird Welders

Tangelo Fellow
This is the last bag of tangelos that you will need to collect. Then we can play a game, or watch some TV.

BillyA Billy
Hooray! You got them all. Will you please bring them back here now?

Step 5
Deliver the bags of tangelos to Billy

Tangelo Fellow
Bring all three bags of tangelos back to me, okay?

Mission Summary

Tangelo Fellow
You're brave and strong and you got my tangelos back and I'm so happy because I love tangelos and I hate clowns and scary alien monster guys! The end.

BillyA Billy
Oh, did you think these tangelos were for scaring the monsters? No, only clowns hate tangelos. I was just hungry. Anyway, heres some armor for you to put your body in.

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