BillyA Guide Mission Sweet and Buried
Level 8
Difficulty Hard
Character Billy
Place Endsville-The Suburbs
Go to the graveyard infection zone and find the next stash of Crazy Brain Candy
My Notes
Billy thinks the next stash of candy is in the graveyard infected zone. Go and find it!

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Sweet and Buried
Billy thinks the next stash of Crazy Brain Candy is buried in Eternal Medows cemetary. Go talk to him in Endsville, okay?-Edd

Mission Offer

Sweet and Buried
You'll find your treasure in the cemetery! They bury everything around here in the graveyard. It's dark and spooky and gooey in there...sort of like my nose.

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Sweet and Buried
Sweet! You'll find the next treasure in the Eternal Meadows graveyard. We need to make sure Fuse never gets that candy. Maybe you'll find another map!-Edd

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to graveyard infected zone

Sweet and Buried
If you wanna follow the map, you need to go to Eternal Meadows cemetery and enter the spooky scary infected zone.

BillyA Billy
They'll eat your eyes out if you're not looking. And then you can't see ANYTHING!

Step 2
Find the hidden candy

Sweet and Buried
Okay, you need to navigate the infected area inside the graveyard to find the next stash of buried candy.

BillyA Billy
Oooh! You found the candy under the ground. Can I try?

Step 3
Bring the candy back to Billy

Sweet and Buried
You should bring that candy back to Billy. I wonder what will happen if he eats it? Better not find out.

Mission Summary

Sweet and Buried
Didn't I tell you there were cool things buried in the cemetery? Things like body parts, and treasure, and candy! Now where did I put my tangelos?

BillyA Billy
Mmmm! This candy Hey, there was another treasure map inside the bag! Take it. I'll keep this candy safe. Safe in my tummy! Oh, you can also have these boots.

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