The Sweet Revenge
Location Candy Cove
Infected Zone Level 7

The Sweet Revenge is the Infected Zone located in Candy Cove. The Sweet Revenge is the name of the Candy Pirate ship in in the center of the zone. The ship used to belong to Stickybeard, and was once the scourge of candy eaters across the suburbs, but now has been infected by Fuse. If one looks closely over one of the cliffs in candy cove in the Future, it can be seen that the Sweet Revenge has been almost completely covered in Fuse's goo, with only the sail and mast visible.

Brittle Butter and Jellybean Jane are Candy Pirates located in this infected zone.

Sweet Revenge Icon Sweet Revenge

Fusion Lairs

Music from Infected Zone

Fusionfall Music - Sweet Revenge(Infected Zone)02:01

Fusionfall Music - Sweet Revenge(Infected Zone)

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