FatherA Guide Mission Sweet Recovery
Level 9
Difficulty Hard
Character Father
Place Peach Creek Commons
My Notes

Mojo JojoA FROM: Mojo Jojo
SUBJECT: Sweet Recovery
You may see Father for another mission. That is all. I am very busy at the moment-Mojo Jojo

Mission offer

Sweet Recovery
The monsters in the junk yard have stolen candy from Foster's. I want to use this candy to enlist more kids like you. If you can get it for me, I will repay you in kind.

Mission Details

Step 1
Head to the junkyard.
Sweet Recovery
The strange folks at Foster's love candy. Monsters stole some and escaped in the junk yard. I would like to use it, so I'm sure the Foster's friends won't miss it if we can get it back.
FatherA Father
You will need to go inside the infected area at Goat's Junk Yard.
Step 2
Defeat the Scrap Scrappers.

Sack of candy: 0/1

Sweet Recovery
Well, what are you waiting for? You'll need to defeat the Scrap Scrappers and recover the candy.
FatherA Father
Good. But there's more. Keep fighting.
Step 3
Defeat the Scrap Tyrants.

Sack of candy: 1/2

Sweet Recovery
Don't get comfy. You need to keep fighting Fuse's creeps to get more candy.
FatherA Father
Very good. But i think the Junkasauruses have some more.
Step 4
Defeat the Junkasauruses.

Sack of candy: 2/3

Sweet Recovery
There's still more candy to find. Fuse's monsters will wish the stayed home today. Defeat the Junkasauruses to get the last bag of candy.
Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Hey, don't let Father have that candy! Bring it to Eduardo.
FatherA Father
Well done. That's enough. Bring it back to me right away.
Step 5
Deliver candy to Eduardo.
Sweet Recovery
Good work. Please bring that candy back to me right away.
EduardoA Eduardo
Oh, muchas gracias! I missed this candy so much. It is wonderful to be reunited once again. You are a muy, muy special kid.
Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Good work. I don't know what you'll tell Father, but I'm sure you'll think of something.
Step 6
Talk to Father.
Sweet Recovery
Didn't you hear me? i don't like to have to say everything twice. Get back here with that candy!

Mission Summary

Sweet Recovery
You know, I cannot believe you ate that candy. Will childen ever learn? Regardless, you are still of some use to me, so thank you. For now.
FatherA Father
You WHAT?!? You ate all the candy?!? Children simply cannot be trusted to do an adult's job. Well, I hope you have a stomachache now. I'll give you this reward, but I won't be happy about it.

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