AttentionNote: As of April 19 2010, FusionFall is now 100% free to play. All current subscribers have recieved a special in-game gift, if they redeemed it with a code.

As of April 19 2010,

All people get the following:

Without a subscription, it was possible to play only in the Future area, and any character in the Members-Only area of the Past which players had had in the final sneak peak weekend will be locked. As of July, all locked characters from the Final Sneak Peek were deleted if they had been inactive for 6-months.

Subscribers get total access to the world of FusionFall. Every nook and cranny of the universe was theirs to explore!

Unlimited Access includes:

  • Full access to all areas of FusionFall
  • Access to optional In-Game Communications
  • Access to optional Unlimited Forum features
  • Ability to collect all 36 Nanos
  • Hundreds of additional missions
  • Ability to create up to four characters
  • The chance to be a true hero!

Limited Access includes:

  • Ability to create two characters
  • Access to a limited portion of the FusionFall world
  • Menu chat in-game
  • Access to the FusionFall Forums as a read-only guest
  • Ability to collect up to four Nanos

A subscription to FusionFall allowed players complete access to everything in the game. There were five types available:

  • 1 Month ($5.95 USD)
  • 3 Months ($14.95 USD)
  • 1 Year ($49.95 USD)

Family Plan for 1 Month ($9.95 USD)

Benefits of the Family Plan included:

  • 4 individual subscriptions for less than the price of 2
  • Enjoy Unlimited Access for up to 4 unique accounts
  • Control the settings for all accounts from the Master Account
  • Play FusionFall with the whole family

Victory Pack

Benefits of the FusionFall Victory Pack included:

  • 4 month free game subscription
  • Comprehensive FusionFall Game Guide
  • Two character outfits and weapons not available online
  • A cool FusionFall T-shirt!

Fusionfall game cards

Benefits of the game card included:

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