ComputressA World Mission Stealing Secrets (Part 4 of 5)
Level 22
Difficulty Easy
Character Computress
Place Tech Square-Downtown
Remove eavesdropping devices
My Notes
I removed the eavesdropping devices I planted at Mandark and Mojo's. But why do they need to steal tech from each other? Shouldn't we all be working together to defeat Fuse?
ComputressA Computress
Once you reach Mojo's Volcano, you must collect Mandark's Spybot Monitors.
Step 1
Remove first Spybot Monitor.
ComputressA Computress
Good. Now remove the second Spybot Monitor.
Step 2
Remove second Spybot Monitor.
ComputressA Computress
Excellent. Now remove the last Monitor.
Step 3
Remove last Spybot Monitor.
ComputressA Computress
Mission accomplished. Now to Mandark Industries. Please remove Mojo's Fusion Matter Detectors.
Step 4
Remove first Fusion Matter Detector.
ComputressA Computress
Now collect the second Fusion Mater Detector.
Step 5
Remove second Fusion Matter Detector.
ComputressA Computress
Well done. You must collect one more Fusion Matter Detector.
Step 6
Remove last Fusion Matter Detector.
ComputressA Computress
Very good. Please return those objects to me.
Step 7
Return to Computress

Spybot Monitor:3/3
Fusion Matter Detector:3/3

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