Numbuh FiveA Guide Mission Start Your Engines
Level 2
Difficulty Normal
Character Numbuh Five
Place Pokey Oaks North (The Future) - The Future
Get the Synchronization Engine back from Fuse.
My Notes
I got the Synchronization Engine parts back from Fuse's creatures, and Numbuh Five was able to put the device back together. It's one of the things I need to rebuild the time machine!

ComputressA FROM: Computress
SUBJECT: Start Your Engines
Talk to Numbuh Five in Pokey Oaks North. She has learned about the existence of a critical device that should help Numbuh Two repair the Time Machine. Good Luck! - Computress

Mission Offer

Step 1
Defeat the Cyber Stingers.

Time Dampener: 0/1

Start Your Engines
You need to get pieces of the Synchronizing Engine from Fuse's Monsters. First, you gotta neat up some Cyber Stingers to get something called a Time Dampener, whatever that is.

Step 2
Defeat the Fusion Spawns.

Chrono Capacitor: 0/1

Start Your Engines
You got the Time Dampener from the Cyber Stingers, but you also need the Chrono Capacitor. The Fusion Spawns took that. Those jerks.

Step 3
Collect the Drive Casing.

Drive Casing: 0/1

Start Your Engines
You got the Time Dampener and the Chrono Capacitor. Nice. There's only one more part you need, then the Synchronozation Thingamabob will be complete. You gotta find the Drive Casing. It's on one of the roof tops nearby. Start Climbing!

Step 4
Deliver Items to Numbuh Five.

Start Your Engines
Numbuh Two says if you bring me the Chrono Capacitor, the Time Dampener, and the Drive Casing, we can rebuild the Synchronizing Engine. Man, that's a lot of big words!

Mission Summary

Start You Engines
I'll make sure to get this doohicky to Hoagie. I know he will be able to use it with the time machine. But you may still need more parts.

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