BubblesA Nano Mission Squirrel Squad
Level 14
Difficulty Hard
Character Bubbles
Place City Hall - Downtown
My Notes

BubblesA Bubbles
You ready for a Nano? Go to City Station and save the animals from monsters!
Step 1
Defeat 8 Vile Cabinets
Squirrel Squad
Fuse's monsters are terrorizing harmless furry creatures. The Vile Cabinets in City Station are collecting squirrels and eating them! You need to put a stop to this.
BubblesA Bubbles
Great job! Now those monsters will stop eating the cute little animals
BubblesA Bubbles
Look! One of those villains captured Bullet! Is she all right?
Step 2
Deliver Bullet to Bubbles.
Squirrel Squad
Hey, one of those monsters captured Bullet, our favorite super-powered squirrel! Is she okay? Bring her to me, please!
BubblesA Bubbles
You need to bring Bullet to Numbuh Three at the KND Jungle Outpost. She rescues woodland creatures. Just let me put on some bandages. You need to be fast!!
Step 3
Deliver Bullet to Numbuh Three.(Time Limit)
Squirrel Squad
You saved Bullet, but she is injured! Bring her to Numbuh Three at the KND Jungle Outpost on Mt Blackhead. you have to be really fast, or those bandages will come loose!
Numbuh ThreeA Numbuh Three
Oh, no! Bullet looks hurt. I'll fix her up. You know, I saw Fusion Bubbles with some Vile Cabinets inside our infected training area just the other day. Can you go check it out? Thanks!
Step 4
Go to Outpost infected zone.
Squirrel Squad
Thanks for bringing Bullet to Numbuh Three. She'll be able to make her better. Now you need to find Fusion Bubbles in the infected KND training area at the Jungle Outpost. I know you can do it.
Numbuh ThreeA Numbuh Three
Find the Fusion Portal! Careful, it's really icky in there!
Step 5
Find the Fusion portal.
BubblesA Bubbles
Fusion Bubbles is here! And she's surrounded by those vile Vile Cabinets!
Step 6
Defeat 10 Vile Cabinets.
Squirrel Squad
Oh, boy! More Vile Cabinets! Can you take care of them? Then you need to find Fusion Bubbles and tell her to stop hurting cute forest creatures with super powers.
BubblesA Bubbles
Great! Now you need to go after Fusion Bubbles.
Step 7
Defeat Fusion Bubbles.
Squirrel Squad
Get rid of Fusion Bubbles! Maybe you'll even recover my stolen Octi, and you can make a Nano!



Nano: Bubbles

Type: Cosmix


Snare - Target Area Snare - Target Area

Jump - Self Jump - Self

Damage - Point Damage - Point