EddA Guide Mission Spex Trek
Level 7
Difficulty Hard
Character Edd
Place Peach Creek Commons-The Suburbs
Have Billy, in Endsville, read the second map
My Notes
We need someone to read the map for us and that someone is...Billy? But first you need to find his Prescription X-ray Spex!

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Spex Trek
So, Stickybeard has stashed Crazy Brain Candy all over the world? It looks like the next map leads to Endsville. Perhaps you should talk to that kid, Billy. Meet me in the Cul-de-Sac, first.-Edd

Mission Offer

Spex Trek
If Fuse knows about the Crazy Brain Candy, we could be in big trouble. This map leads to Endsville. Talk to Billy. Careful -- his brains are already scrambled.

Mission Details

Step 1
Take map to Billy

Spex Trek
The map you pilfered from the Sweet Revenge leads to Endsville. Bring it to Billy, and see if he can tell you where the next treasure lies.

BillyA Billy
Hi-de-ho, bucko! Sure thing. I'll look at yer treasure map. But I need my prescription X-ray Spex to read it. Can you go get 'em from Genius Grove?

BillyA Billy
I losted 'em somewhere inside the infected zone near that kooky Mandark's house.

Step 2
Go to Genius Grove infected zone

Spex Trek
Sigh...Billy needs his prescription X-Ray Spex to read the map. You need to go to the infected zone in Genius Grove.

BillyA Billy
If you can go in there and jump around and stuff, you'll find my spex!

Step 3
Collect the X-Ray Spex

Spex Trek
Watch out for the Fusion Matter and the monsters and the other hazardous things. Make your way to the box that houses Billy's X-Ray Spex.

BillyA Billy
Woo-ee! You got 'em! Please bring them back to me, okay?

Step 4
Bring Spex to Billy

Spex Trek
Bring Billy his prescription X-Ray Spex so he can read that map.

Mission Summary

Spex Trek
Good work. I'm glad that you found Billy. Now you need to persuade him to read that map! Those spectacles make me skeptical...but see what he can do.

BillyA Billy
Thanks, buddy! Now let's the map, read the map. This thing looks pretty funny. But I think you'll find your buried treasure nearby! Want a reward? Sure you do!

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