ComputressA World Mission Spawn Spree
Level 01
Difficulty Easy
Character Computress
Place Sector V (The Future)
Reduce the ranks of Fusion Spawns in Sector V.
My Notes
I helped Computress defeat a bunch of Fusion Spawns. I also recovered a Gravity Decelerator from the monsters, which I returned to her.

Mission Offer

Spawn Spree
I am relieved to see that you escaped Tech Square unharmed. Before we can reconstruct the time machine, you must reduce enemy ranks in this sector.

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to the area with Fusion Spawns

Spawn Spree
Fusion Spawns have nearly overrun Sector V. They've stolen the Gravity Decelerator that keeps the tree house standing. Once it was removed, the entire structure collapsed. We must reduce the number of Fusion Spawns that have taken over the neighborhood and recover the Gravity Decelerator. Please proceed to the area that I have marked on your map

ComputressA Computress
There are many Fusion Spawns in this area. Please defeat three of them.

Step 2
Defeat three Fusion Spawns

Spawn Spree
Sector V is hostile territory. To prepare for your return to the past, we must reduce the ranks of Fusion Spawns in this area. You must defeat three. If you are the one that is to save the world, the task will not be difficult.

ComputressA Computress
You have recovered a Gravity Decelerator. Please return it to me.

Step 3
Deliver item to Computress

Spawn Spree
The Fusion Spawns that you defeated had a Gravity Decelerator. Please bring it to me for analysis.

Mission Summary

Spawn Spree
We will need the Gravity Decelerator brought back online immediately to restore the tree house to its previous state. It was a heroic effort on your part. Thank you.

ComputressA Computress
Good Work. This Gravity Decelerator was stolen from the tree house's anti-grav projector. It was manufactured by Mandark Industries.

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