The Chickens from Outer Space are a race of intergalactic conquerors who had set their sights on earth long before Fuse. They are defeated time and time again, however, by Courage the Cowardly Dog.


Before Fuse came to earth, a large group of Space Chickens found their ship pulled helplessly from space by a UFO magnet located in Nowhere, and force to crash near Courage's house. Now with Planet Fusion determined to keep everyone on Earth grounded, the Chickens have no way of returning to their home planet.

To make matters worse, they find themselves constantly under attack by the Mutant Eggplants of Nowhere. In reality, the Eggplants are actually Fusion Spawns, but the Space Chickens cannot tell the difference, leading to constant conflict between the alien poultry and the mutated botany.
General Tso

Some Space Chickens

Thanks to the efforts of the player, the Chickens come to realize that the Eggplants never meant them harm, and that their true enemy is Fuse. While most of the Space Chickens live in a hidden base in the Upper Catacombs, beneath the soil of Nowhere, they can be found above ground, on the shores of Bravo Beach, the forest of Acorn Flats, or scattered around Offworld Plaza. The Chickens assist the war effort by helping to sell weapons, armor, Nano potions, and weapon boosts to players.

Their Leader on Earth is General Tso.

Chicken Hidden Base


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