GrimA Guide Mission Spa Daze
Level 23
Difficulty Hard
Character Grim
Place Orchid Bay - Downtown
Protect the Grim's Gardens store.
My Notes
I defeated the Oil Ogres in Steam Alley and prevented them from attacking Grim's Gardens.

GrimA Grim
Before you leave, can you help me wit one last ting? I heard dat de Oil Ogres in Steam Alley are planning to attack me store, Grim's Gardens. Please stop dem!

Step 1
Go to Steam Alley.

Spa Daze
Have you heard of me spa, Grim's Gardens? Our motto is, "Come rest you weary soul, so I don't have to reap it!" Please stop de Oil Ogres in Steam Alley from attacking me store.

GrimA Grim
Defeat nine Oil Ogres and stop dem from getting uppity!

Step 2
Defeat nine Oil Ogres.

Step 3
See Dexter at Dexlabs.

Spa Daze
I like how you took care of dem pesky jerks. Well, it has been fun working wit you. You may now go catch up wit Dexter.

GrimA Grim
Me Grim's Gardens store is a target for Fuse. Because you showed dose monsters we mean business, I have stayed in business!

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