VilgaxA Nano Mission Souls For Sale
Level 23
Difficulty Hard
Character Vilgax
Place Offworld Plaza
My Notes

VilgaxA Vilgax
Are you ready for a new Nano? Proceed to Tech Square immediately

VilgaxA Vilgax

Step 1
Go to Tech Square.

I have detected a strange energy surge in Tech Square. I want you to investigate immediately. Perhaps it has something to do with this Fusion Demongo, a being that can steal the souls of fallen warriors.

BenA Ben
Hey be careful! Fusion Demongo was just spotted in your area.

Step 2
Defeat six Mech Queens.

Our "friend" Ben Tennyson has confirmed Fusion Demongo's presence in Tech Square. Defeat six Mech Queens to see if you can collect more information.

VilgaxA Vilgax
Those creatures dropped a Positioning drive. Bring it to me immediately.

Step 3
Deliver Positioning Drive to Vilgax.

The Mech Queens you defeated in Tech Square dropped a Positioning Drive. Perhaps we will discover more information about Fusion Demongo, the one who absorbs the powers of other beings.

VilgaxA Vilgax
This Positioning Drive indicates that Fusion Demongo was going to Nowhere. Speak to that ingrate Kevin Levin and see what he knows. He is also in Nowhere.

Grandpa MaxA Grandpa Max
I wonder if there’s a Fusion Gwenben?

Step 4
Talk to Kevin in Nowhere.

The Positioning Drive you recovered indicates that Fusion Demongo is heading for Nowhere. You must speak to the teenage human called Kevin Levin. He is in Nowhere and will give us more information.

Step 5
Go to Area 51.5 infected zone.

Proceed immediately to Area 51.5, the infected zone north of Nowhere. I want to find Fusion Vilgax and learn how he intends to deliver more power to the creature called Fusion Demongo.

Grandpa MaxA Grandpa Max
You are doing well. Find the Fusion Portal that leads to Fusion Vilgax’s lair.

Step 6
Find the Fusion Portal.

Now that you have entered the infected zone inside Area 51.5, you must find the portal that leads to Fusion Vilgax's lair.

VilgaxA Vilgax
Astounding: Fuse is even able to create a creature in my image.

Step 7
Defeat Fusion Vilgax.

I remain mystified by the Fusions and even more curious about the soul-stealer, Fusion Demongo. Could it be that these creatures posses power that rivals that of the Omnitrix? Defeat Fusion Vilgax, and let us remind our foe who he is up against.


  • Grandpa Max say Fusions Ben and Gwen's names together instead of saying Ben and Gwen.
  • Kevin does not reply if you speak to him.



Nano: Vilgax

Type: Cosmix


Radar Radar

Run - SelfRun - Self

Recall - Group Recall - Group

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