CourageA Guide Mission Slippery Foes
Level 27
Difficulty Hard
Character Courage
Place Nowhere - The Wilds
Return Muriel's slippers.
My Notes
You're not ready for the Darklands! That place is terrifying! First, I need you to help me get Muriel's slippers back from the scary Fuse monsters!

CourageA Courage
Please go to the Monkey Foothills and get Muriel's slippers back from the Dire Apes!

Step 1
Go to Monkey Foothills.

Step 2
Defeat the Dire Apes:

Muriel's slippers 0/1

CourageA Courage
Now that you have Muriel's slippers, can you please bring them back here to me?

Step 3
Return to Courage:

Muriel's slippers 1/1

CourageA Courage
Thanks for getting Muriel's slippers back. Even in these dark times, no one likes to have cold toes.

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