Numbuh OneA Nano Mission Skunk Support
Level 16
Difficulty Hard
Character Numbuh One
Place Townsville Park - Downtown
My Notes
I tried to rescue Robobradley from the Asphalt freaks in Townsville Park, but all I found were strange crystals. Turns out that Robobradley was being held in the Crystalline Caverns in the Pimpleback Mountains, and I saved him from Fusion Numbuh One.

Step 1
Defeat seven Asphalt Freaks.

Asphalt Freak 0/7

Skunk Support
You need to locate the Asphalt Freaks here in Townsville Park that have captured Numbuh Six. I will send you their coordinates. Track them down and take care of business!!

Numbuh OneA Numbuh One
Those creatures dropped a bag! Bring it here.

Step 2
Deliver bag to Numbuh One.

Skunk Support
The Asphalt Freaks you defeated did not have Robobradley, but they did have a bag of...something. Bring it here so I may take a look.

Numbuh OneA Numbuh One
Whats this? This sack contains nothing but strange crystals. Gads! Robobradley must be held in the crystalline caverns, way out there in the Pimpleback Mountains! You must go there! .

Step 3
Go into Crystalline Caverns.

Skunk Support
Go out to Pimpleback Mountains and look for Roboradley in the infected Crystalline Caverns. No doubt he has been captured by a Fusion! We must save Numbuh Six, AKA Robobradley!

Numbuh OneA Numbuh One
You will need to find the entrance to Fusion Numbuh One's hideout.

Step 4
Enter the Fusion Portal.

Skunk Support
The Crystalline Cavers are beautiful to behold, but there is dangerous Fusion Matter about. Look for the lair of the Fusion that took Robobradley. Perhaps it is -- GASP! -- Fusion Numbuh One ?!?

Numbuh OneA Numbuh One
And look, They've trapped Robobradley in that crate. Poor Robobradley!

Step 5
Collect Robobradley from crate.

Skunk Support
You've found the dastardly Fusion's lair. And I've located Robobradley. The monsters have trapped him inside a crate. Poor little guy!

Numbuh OneA Numbuh One
Good show, One of our operatives is standing by to collect Numbuh 6.

Numbuh 445A Numbuh 445
Hold your nose!

Step 6
Deliver Robobradley to Numbuh 445.

Skunk Support
Very good, you've saved Numbuh Six! Please deliver him to our Pimpleback Mountains field operative, Numbuh 445. He will make sure that Robobradley gets home in one piece.

Numbuh 445A Numbuh 445
Numbuh One wants to send Robobradley to Dexlabs for some tests. But Fusion Numbuh One is here! Think you can take him on?

Numbuh OneA Numbuh One
Get Fusion Numbuh One! Maybe you'll even get a new Nano.

Step 7
Defeat Fusion Numbuh One.

Fusion Numbuh One 0/1

Skunk Support
You've rescued Robobradley! Numbuh 445 will make sure he goes straight to Dexlabs for a complete diagnostic. Now it's time to take down that no-good loser, Fusion Numbuh One! Show that impostor what it means to be a real Kid Next Door!


NanoNumbuh One

Nano: Numbuh One

Type: Blastons


Damage - Cone Damage - Cone

Health - Self Health - Self

Bonus Bonus

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