ComputressA World Mission Shock and Ow
Level 01
Difficulty Easy
Character Computress
Place Sector V (The Future)
Help the KND boost tree house defense.
My Notes
I defeated a bunch of Shocktanglers that were stealing energy from the tree house.

Mission Offer

Shock and Ow
There are Fusions in this area that want to destroy the tree house. We must assist the Kids Next Door in boosting their defenses. Shall we proceed?

Mission Details

Step 1
Go the jump pad

Shock and Ow
You must talk to Hoagie Gilligan, AKA Numbuh Two. You will find him on the tree house platform. You will need to use a jump pad to reach the platform.

ComputressA Computress
Jump onto the jump pad to launch yourself onto the tree house platform

Step 2
Talk to Numbuh Two

Shock and Ow
You must talk to Hoagie Gilligan, AKA Numbuh Two. You will find him on the tree house platform. Inquire about what we can do to help boost the tree house's defenses.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Hey, you're back! There's trouble around here. Fusion Numbuh Two has ordered the Shocktanglers in Sector V to steal energy from the tree house. You need to get it back!

Step 3
Find the spawning ground

Shock and Ow
Numbuh Two wants you to find the Shocktanglers and collect the energy that they took from the tree house. Proceed to their spawning area.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
The Shocktanglers are spawning in this area. Go get 'em!

Step 4
Defeat the Shocktanglers

Shock and Ow
Now that you have located the Shocktanglers, you must collect the stolen energy cubes. Defeat them until they drop three.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Great! You got all three Energy Cubes! Please bring them to me.

Step 5
Bring Energy Cubes to Numbuh Two

Shock and Ow
Please deliver the Energy Cubes to Numbuh Two. Then return to me in Hero Square to claim your reward.

Numbuh TwoA Numbuh Two
Thanks for these. You really gave those monsters a jolt! Hee hee. Go see Computress, she's got something for you.

Step 6
Talk to Computress

Shock and Ow
Thank you for bringing the Energy Cubes to Numbuh Two. I hope his bad jokes did not do you any harm. Please report to me in Hero Square.

Mission Summary

Shock and Ow
You defeated the Shocktanglers and recovered those Energy Cubes in short order. Well done. The KND have sent something called a "thumbs-up".

ComputressA Computress
Good work. Your skills are improving.

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