Sector V Map
Sector V
Area Level 04
NPCs Blossom
Numbuh Two
Ranger Melissa
Sherri Bird
JakeNot in Retro Small
Agent K9Not in Retro Small
Jibba Jabba
This article is about Sector V in the past. For the future version see Sector V (The Future).

Sector V is the base of operations for the Kids Next Door appointed to said areas. Apart from the actual base, Sector V is a suburban town with houses and such. Sector V is a KND sector consisting of Numbuh One, Two, Three, Four and Five. They live in a suburban area presumably in the United States, where their treehouse is also stationed.


K.N.D Treehouse

K.N.D Treehouse Concept Art

War againist Fuse

Worlds Collide

In the first attack by Fuse, Sector V is being defended by Numbuh Two and Five. After being overun by the Fusion Spawn, Blossom and Bubbles rescue the two from falling to their deaths. After a quick save they are still no match for the Fusion invaders, until Dexter arrives with Ben (Four Arms), Mac, and Bloo.

Long lasting war

The safe zone in Sector V is the KND Treehouse, which you can climb up by going to the back of the house jumping on the boxes and so on. To keep Fusion monsters from attacking the treehouse, the base is being propelled by anti-gravity technology provided by both Dexlabs and Mandark Industries. Metal chains keep the base tethered to the ground.

Nearby, lies the KND Training Area which is slowly becoming an Infected Zone, and Hero Square, a memorial made up of holograms and statues, showing memorial to lost heroes. In the past, only Buttercup is represented in Hero Square, but in the Future, Dexter, Bloo, Mojo Jojo, Ben, and Edd are as well. South of Sector V is Pokey Oaks North.


  • The KND Training Area is a section of Sector V that has various Fusion Monsters residing within. In the Future, the KND Training area is its own Infected Zone, showing how the infection has worsened over time.
  • Sector V is the first (non-tutorial) location you visit in both the Future and the Past. 



Fusion Spawn

Sneaky Spawn Name Sneaky Spawn
Boss Super Sneaky Spawn
Level 04
Type Adaptium
The Sneaky Spawn gets its name from its resemblance to its weaker little brother. Don't be caught off-guard. You'll find that this Spawn is full of surprises!
Corruption Attack
Caterplug Name Caterplug
Boss Supercharged Caterplug
Level 04
Type Blastons
Just because the Caterplug looks harmless doesn't mean it is. While the Caterplug may not be Fuse's toughest minion, attack one when you're unprepared and you're in for a shock!
Ultramagno Beetle Name Ultramagno Beetle
Boss Charged Magno Beetle
Level 04
Type Cosmix
This lumbering beetle normally feeds off of the energy contained in magnetic fields. Can you guess what they eat when they're really hungry?
Eruption Attack
Soulo Name Soulo
Boss N/A
Level 04
Type Blastons
The Soulos might be called Soulo because they don't go in packs, his name might be spelled wrong. These are weaker copies of Spookas and Spinetinglers, but there's another thing different: they're demolition experts with their Soulo Shell bombs.
Shocktangler Name Shocktangler
Boss Electrotangler
Level 04
Type Blastons
Not in Retro SmallShocktanglers are huge, mutli-armed servants of Fuse who feed on the electricity generated by the infected things in Fusion Numbuh Two's Lair. Be prepared for a shock when you reach there.
Soulo shells

Soulo Shell

Soulo Shell Name Soulo Shell
Boss N/A
Level 01
Type Blastons
Not in Retro SmallThey take 1 hit to kill, since they're bombs by the Soulos. Don't underestimate them, they might be small and weak, but when they explode, they blow up stainless steel, so watch out! If you're near the base of the chains to the treehouse, that's where's they'll be, destroy them before they destroy the chains.


Monkey Skyway Agent

Peach Creek Commons Icon Peach Creek Commons
Genius Grove Icon Genius Grove

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