The ScotsmanA World Mission Scotsman’s Best Friend (Part 2 of 3)
Level 16
Difficulty Normal
Character The Scotsman
Place Townsville Park
Investigate the Runic Charm
My Notes
I brought the Runic Charm to Gwen way out in the Pimpleback Mountains. She seems to think it is some kind of magical "alarm clock" that raises monsters from deep slumber.

The Scotsman is disturbed to find some of Fuse's minions carrying Magical Runes with them. However, he doesn't really know that much about Runes, so he asks the player to go and take it to Grandpa Max, who conveniently happens to be standing right next to him.

Step 1
Talk to Grandpa Max

Grandpa MaxA Grandpa Max
I've never seen anything like this before. You say Fuse's monsters had it? That's not good.

Grandpa MaxA Grandpa Max
You should bring this to my granddaughter, Gwen. She's very knowledgeable when it comes to magic. You'll find her in the Pimpleback Mountains.

Step 2
Bring Runic Charm to Gwen.

GwenA Gwen
You say you found this on Fuse's monsters? Let me see... I think this is a stone of awakening. The symbols are very old. Roughly translated, this rune says, "alarm clock".

GwenA Gwen
Fuse may be trying to awaken a creature deep inside the earth. That's not good. You should take this thing and drop it into the deepest part of Leakey Lake.

Step 3
Go to Leakey Lake infected zone.

GwenA FROM: Gwen
SUBJECT: Scotsman's Best Friend (Part 2 of 3)
Enter the infected area here and drop the Runic Charm into the lake.
Step 4
Drop Runic Charm in Leakey Lake.

Once the player reaches the place shown on the map, the mission is instantly completed and the player gets a reward.

GwenA FROM: Gwen
SUBJECT: Scotsman's Best Friend (Part 2 of 3)
Very good. Now that Runic Charm will stay out of Fuse's hands.

Scotsman's Best Friend Saga

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