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Johnny TestA Nano Mission Scooter Scramble
Level 8 (11)
Difficulty Hard
Character Johnny Test
Place Nuclear Plant
My Notes

Johnny TestA Johnny Test
You want a awesome new nano? Then head into that park and see if you can track down those scooters.
Step 1
Investigate The First Scooter

Scooter Scramble
Dukey and I were testing out some of Susan and Mary's new super sonic scooters, but then some weird green kid with REALLY cool purple flaming hair had stolen the scooters. Can you get them back?

Johnny TestA Johnny Test
Oh Man! The Scooter Sounds Good, Now Go Check Out The Other One.
Step 2
Investigate the Second Scooter
Johnny TestA Johnny Test
That's definitely a powerful scooter, but is way too quiet. Keep chasing that Fusion.
Step 3
Enter Fusion Portal
Johnny TestA Johnny Test
Looks like he's hiding in that Fusion Lair. Get him!
Johnny TestA Johnny Test
Don't worry about bringing the scooter back. Just disable the Sonic Super Mach 9 setting.
Step 4
Disable the Mach 9 setting
Johnny TestA Johnny Test
Alright! Now make sure that Fusion doesn't cause any more trouble.
Step 5
Defeat Fusion Johnny Test

Fusion Johnny Test 0/1



Nano: Johnny Test

Type: Blastons


Damage - Cone Damage - Cone

Stun - Cone Stun - Cone

Jump - Self Jump - Self

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