EduardoA Nano Mission Scary Monsters
Level 3
Difficulty Hard
Character Eduardo
Place Peach Creek Commons-The Future
Defeat Fusion Eduardo in Peach Creek Estates.
My Notes
Eduardo asked me to see Samurai Jack about the scary Fusion Eduardo. I went to the infected zone in Peach Creek, and together, we defeated him. I also learned about corruption attacks.

EduardoA Eduardo
Hey, es Nano Time! Check your journal and let's get a Nano, amigo!

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Samurai Jack

Scary Monsters
There is a mucho scary monster named Fusion Eduardo, who is always in the housing development in Peach Creek Estates. The hero, Samurai Jack, knows about him and can help us! Go find him en el junk yard.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Perhaps we can work together to take down Fusion Eduardo. Meet me inside the infected zone in Peach Creek Estates. Watch out for Corruption Attacks. Computress will supply more info.

ComputressA FROM: Computress
SUBJECT: Scary Monsters
Subject: Corruption Attacks. Occasionally, monsters will launch a Corruption Attack, targeting your active Nano. However, if your Nano is of the correct type, you can cancel or even repel the monster's attack. Just remember that Adaptium Nanos beat Blastons attacks, Blastons Nanos beat Cosmix attacks, and Cosmix Nanos beat Adaptium attacks. Or to put it more simply: A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A.-Computress

Step 2
Enter Peach Creek infected zone

Scary Monsters
Listen to Senor Jack and do whatever he says. Go to Peach Creek Estates infected zone. Jack is smart and strong and brave and bold!

Step 3
Talk to Agent Lundsberg

Scary Monsters
You need to be checking in with the Special Alien Capture Team stationed inside the Delightful Developments infected zone. Those guys know all about scary monster lairs!

File:Agent LundsbergA.png Agent Lundsberg
This is the entrance to Fusion Eduardo's Lair. Samurai Jack is waiting for you. But Eduardo followed him inside.

Step 4
Enter Fusion Eduardo's lair

Scary Monsters
Jack is in el monster's lair! You must go meet him there. Hmmm, I want to see this muy terrible creature, too.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Beware of the Sewer Creeper's Corruption Attacks. They will attack your Nano.

Step 5
Defeat a Sewer Creeper

Scary Monsters
Oh, you must defeat one of those mucho meanies, the Sewer Creepers. Beware of their Corruption Attack! Corruption Attacks go after your Nano, but if you're fast, you can beat Fuse at his own game. Computress will send you an email, amigo.

EduardoA Eduardo
Help! I am inside the monster's lair and I is so very scared!

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Do not worry. I am here. Find Eduardo and bring him to me.

Step 6
Go to Eduardo

Scary Monsters
Good jobbing when you beat that nasty monster! I was muy curioso and now I got all in trouble here in this scary lair. Please come help me!

EduardoA Eduardo
I followed you but there are too many disgusting monsters. Get me to safety!

Step 7
Escort Eduardo to Jack

Scary Monsters
Oh, what have I done? I wanted to see you fight the Fusion Eduardo but it is muy dangerous and scary in here. You must escort me to the very brave and strong Senor Jack!

Step 8
Defeat Fusion Eduardo

Scary Monsters
Gracias, I am most safe now. I see why you is the kid that is going to save us all! Now, por favor, fight Fusion Eduardo and make him go away. Get my Stuffed Animal back and make a Nano!

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Thank you for your aid.



Nano: Eduardo

Type: Adaptium


Drain - Area Drain - Area

Radar Radar

Health - Self Area Health – Self Area

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