Squawk! Flying monkeys bad! Flying monkeys scary! Squawk!

–Scarlett, expressing her feeling towards the Sickle Simians.

Scarlett is a female parrot that lives in Monkey Foothills. She is near a camp site full of Sickle Simians.

Scaredy Parrot

As Jordan Almond seeks to join the Candy Pirate ranks, Ted Nougat repeatedly denies him acceptance into the Candy Pirates. Ted, growing tired of these insistent efforts, plays a trick on Jordan. To keep him busy for awhile, he stating that Jordan'll need a parrot to join the Candy Pirates; Ted says that he has seen several fly by now and then. The hero finds a parrot named Scarlett, but she refuses to come with him/her because of the nearby Sickle Simians. The hero defeats a few, but she still refuses. Jordan sends the hero to talk to Plumber Carol for advice. The Plumber gives the hero a cracker and a whistle, explaining that the nearby Plumbers have been using the parrots as emergency messengers since communications problems in Dinosaur Pass began, and that the parrots like the crackers so much that they'll do just about anything for them. The whistle is in case the parrot gets lost in the trees, as the sound of the whistle will lead her right to him/her. The hero returns to Scarlett and gives her the cracker, then returns to Jordan with the whistle to finish the job.

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